Friday, June 26, 2009

Paintballin' it UP!

OK, so i haven't done a post on a loooong time.... again. Today i decided i needed to do another one and keep this thing more populated. Well, why not start it up again by telling about one of the coolest things I've ever done. Ever.

I recently participated in a huge paintball war up in a canyon near Ephraim, Ut. Wow. Soooo cool. My friend Corbett's cousin sets this thing up once a year and this one was awesome.

Here's a photo of Gold Squad - a division of the Valkyrie team. Valkyrie was made up of I think about 40-45 guys. The Resistance team was probably around 30-35.

It was wicked rainy, muddy, and windy when we got there. This Jeep was one of, I think, two vehicles that actually made it to where the cars were supposed to park, and it was even having trouble with chains on and all. The rest didn't quite make it, including mine. We got stuck about a mile out from camp and hitched a ride with some hunter in a 4x4.

Halfway through setting up camp, it was really really dark, and coming down harder than ever. Crazy stuff. Our original plan was a war that would last through the night to the next day. That ended up changing.

This is me and my buddy Jacob in a very awkward sleeping arrengment, haha. I was told I might not even need a sleeping bag cause how we'd be up all night. This became horrible news when I found out that everyone decided to just sleep that night.

So I ended up not sleeping, haha. No sleeping bag or pad, wet clothes, and loud/cold wind and rain made for an easy way to stay up all night. I felt like I was slowly going crazy all night and i took quite a few weird photos in my boredom. (That is my extra pair up underwear on my head for the slughtest bit of extra warmth)

Sounds like a pretty crappy trip so far. Well the next morning, things instantly got amazing. The weather was still a constant drizzle and full cloud coverage and it seemed like it might be cold. wrong. turned out to be perfect weather that wasn't too hot or cold with all the movement we were doing.

The whole War was made up of i think 3 or 4 different battles. It was amazingly well coordinated. We started at about 9am, and ended about 4 or 5pm.

Valkyrie, of course, won.

And there you have it. I really wish i had photos of when we had to get the cars down the muddy canyon road. It was easily the craziest thing you've ever seen. I could almost say it was worse than getting a bunch of cars stuck in the snow. We had everyone there pushing and lifting cars out. soooooo crazy.

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Taylor, Lara and Caden said...

oh my goodness.... that looks like FUN!!! what is with the picture with underwear on your head!!! lol, you always make me laugh! i heard you got your mission call and stuff.. when is your farewell! i wanna come!