Sunday, March 1, 2009

"The grass is always greener, the past is always cleaner, the present is crap and everyone's meaner."

Well, i havent posted in awhile so here are some more. the first one is a little more subtle, the second, not so much.

my dad and my nephew:

My dad and my nephew with clearer skin, less wrinkles, and whiter teeth.

Chris Merritt playing a really awesome show at velour.

some brush fun (a little over-done i think. it was my first time):

i also forgot the second 'T' in his name so i went back in and added another one. but i sucks cause the text layer was buried in consolidation. so the other 't' looks kinda wonky.


Teryn said...

Wow that kid is REALLY cute! He should model! (LOL-JK)

Taylor, Lara and Caden said...

oh your nephew is really cute! you're great creed