Saturday, August 23, 2008

Record time...

So my friend, Patrick, and I have started a small recording studio business recording bands and whatnot. Its actually working out pretty well. We are both pretty well versed in the ways of Pro Tools now. Of course, Pro Tools is something you can almost never 'master'. But I'd say we could test out a good year's worth of college classes for it. 
Anyway, we just finished a band's album about a week ago. You can see stuff about them at And I think one of the recordings we did is on there
We operate out of two studios (highly annoying with mac/pc cross platform filesharing). One doubles as a really cool free concert venue, while the other is more acoustically treated and outfitted with a more powerful computer that utilizes more advanced plug-ins and whatnot. 
Here are some pictures of recording things for The Yaks' new stuff:  

Bass Cabinet Micing:
Drums Micing:
Some Pro Tools 7.4 Action:
Joey Brown layin' it down:

The recordings on the Yaks site were done in the venue/studio a while back (we've come a ways since that album was released BTW) 

So if you wanna get your band some recordings, whether they be quickly done demos or a fully mastered CD, definitely contact me. We can negotiate prices for different situations but for the most part its gonna be $15/hr. Which is pretty ridiculously low for the quality we can churn out. 

Well, there's a sales pitch blog if I ever did see one, hehe. Peace and Love. 

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