Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well, about two and a half hours ago it was my birthday, which was quite exciting, I guess. Frankly, I think they happen a bit too often. And I highly doubt that I am actually a 19 year old. I'm more like a 13 year old. Anyway, enough on that. On to more pressing matters. 

The other day, my buddy was taking pictures for his photography portfolio, and we got to use an amazing garage for the shoot. This garage is owned by the guy who's father created the little comics called The Peanuts. Turns out it became kinda popular and made them a bit of money. While my good friend was taking pictures of the girl, I was taking pictures of what was behind her; beautiful cars. 

Pardon the lack of artistic quality in them, I was just rushing to get them before I had to go. These are just a few:

Shelby Cobra GT500

This bad boy was signed by Carroll Shelby himself

BOSS 302 Mustang

I'm actually going to a car show up in Park City tomorrow afternoon (later today). My dad is coming up from Arizona, with his Mustang (sooo cool, i'll post some pics of that later). But turns out, the guy that owns these cars is gonna be there too. So I will definitely get some good pictures of that on here later. Peace. 

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