Monday, November 3, 2008

DIY Acoustic Panel Build!!!

Here is the biggest studio update. I'm beginning to hear that the room we record in is really starting to stand out in our recordings and im not a fan of it. But the room is too large to treat acoustically with the amount of money we have/would want to sanely spend. Not to mention its oddly shaped. We would try to solve this problem by hanging large blankets on mike stands and other such things to create a booth-like recording space for vocals, guitars, and the biggest one, drums. It helped a bit, but it was extremely time consuming, very unstable, and i'm sure the blankets did not have a very good absorption coefficient. 

So I went on a deep internet search for some answers. I found a ton of material. But most of it was on treating an entire room, which i would like to do, but couldn't for several reasons. Anyway, I discovered a very helpful site; Ethan's information was plenty and good. 

I decided that i would take a little different approach to the fiberglass insulation panels. I wanted to combine these panels with the mechanical setup and size of drum shields/baffles. I wanted them mobile, so i could move them around the room, i wanted them to be free standing, and i wanted them to be able encircle an area big enough for the drumset.

This is what i came up with (the project is not complete yet, still have a few more to go before it is) :

4'x8' Sound board from Home Depot: $10. Rigid, yet soft enough for some high and low absorption. We cut it down to a 4'x6 because 8' is pretty dang big. And we also have an extra 2'x4', which i plan on make a couple diffusors/bass traps with.

3 yards of some nice polka dot fabric from Walmart: about $10. We folded it in half, cut it and sowed the side so it made one big piece that would fit over the board.

1 roll of thick fiberglass insulation from Lowes: $10. This is probably not as absorptive as the Owens Corning 703 but this was our Mark I so we'll see how things pan out. Not to mention 703 is very difficult to get a hold of (ive checked a ton of places) and its much more expensive than this stuff, especially if you gotta ship it.

Then we pulled the fabric over the insulation and stapled it onto the back of the board.

And there you have it. Now i haven't done the last steps, but they are pretty much to build two more of these. and attach them to each other with hinges, making them able to stand up on there own, be folded up and put away, and (with another set) can encircle the drums. I'll get some photos of when we are finished with them. 

Money Spent: about $30-35 for one big panel +extra materials

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Teryn said...

Very Impressive... you seem to have inherited the Haymond entrepreneurial spirit. Good for you! Make the right choices and you are going places! (I'm so proud)