Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Streching your imagination

Another Studio update. 
Just about a week ago i received a phone call from my good friend Kami, who is currently attending BYU. She was wondering if i had time to record a friend of her's band in the next little while. I said i'd be glad to and asked what kind of stuff they wanted to record. She replied that it was just acoustic stuff. And considering the ease of just recording a couple guys singing and playing acoustic guitars, i said i could probably do it all in a day. 

10:45PM rolls around and the band walks in the back door. Yes, all of their instruments have to do with acoustics, but they were not quite what i would label 'acoustic'. Turns out, they were a full band. Guitars, bass, drums, piano, and my favorite part, violin. My palms began to sweat and my stomach began to ache with hunger, for the 5 song load of this band could only mean one thing: one heck of an all-nighter. With a Beto's burrito in one hand, and a 2-liter of Vault by my side..... i set off into the audio. 

They are: Imagine Dragons, and you can see their webpages HERE(site) or HERE(mypsace) - Turns out, that this is probably the most talented group of kids i've seen around in awhile. I wish i could have had more time recording and mixing them because the work we did in about 14-15 hours on 5 whole songs doesn't quite do them justice, in my opinion. Or else i hope that the demo they recorded with me can get them into a real recording studio or something. Anyway, definitely check out their 5 newly recorded songs on their myspace (the ones with DEMO on them are those 5). 

And thats the latest on the studio. Stay tuned for more information on a possible upcoming collaborative project involving the Yaks and a distant friend Willy Yummy. 

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