Sunday, November 23, 2008

Victory! To the large Himalayan dwelling mammals!

November 14th & 15th were marked as two of the best days ever in the history of The Yaks.  It was the week of the bi-annual (i think) Battle of the Bands at Muse Music/Cafe in Provo, Utah.  We played Friday night, won, and got to move on to the final round on Saturday.  And on Saturday we completely kicked some serious butt and went on to win 1st place, which was a prize of $150 and 10 hours of recording studio time (which we are going to find out if we can sell, because we do our own recording stuff...).  But don't get me wrong, the other bands were excellent.  I, personally, was a big fan of the Mckay Stevens Project.  Anyway, here are some photos of the band:

This is our first CD's front cover picture.

These were all from Saturday night, but i'll get some from friday because we had some crazy costumes :)

This is Tagg.  This is also my favorite face on Tagg.

mmmm, Sky bringin up the low end.

Here are the Brown Brothers. Joey and Tagg.

And here is the whole gang chillin out in the hall before the show.  And you can definitely see our southern rose, Hillary Gallup, whom is one of our best fans ever, dressed in the crazy green suit thingy. Awesome!


Teryn said...

That is so awsome Creed! You are my hero. Did you know I auditioned for Battle of the Bands in Idaho- it was a Crash and Burn! I'll tell you all about it another day- not my brightest moment I'm afraid. You definatley got the cool genes in the family. I'm so excited for Christmas. I'm flying in the the 14th we need to plan to hang out.

Lisa said...

WOW CREED! That is SO cool! I totally want to hear your band play live some time! What a blast you must have! Good Job!