Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Monkey Grinder Halloween

So, Halloween rolls around this year, and the question is again raised; What to do. Trick-or-treating as a 19 year old is a frowned upon nowadays. And my friends thought that sitting around watching movies was cool somehow. But I needed something to stir the thick dark, smokey night that is the real Halloween.  So I decided to go to the one and only Monkey Grinder show that's held every year on Halloween night at Velour in Provo. Monkey Grinder
is a wicked awesome circus band. This concert made for an extremely entertaining and creepy night.

This was the opening act. Puppet Grinder they call themselves. That big rack thing in this picture is one giant noise maker. Pretty awesome. 

This is Monkey Grinder. I took guitar lessons from Collin Botts who is there with the guitar. They have an accordionist, some vibrophones (sp?) which are in the very back. And they even have a real one-legged pirate who hits things, off to the left.  

Collin and the clarinetist.

There's the pirate hosting the costume contest at half-time. It was against 'Frank' the creepy bunny from Donny Darko, and a homemade robot costume. 

And Collin again with my favorite guitar, his old Gibson. He also plays a baritone acoustic and a Yamaha SG nock-off. He broke 3 guitar strings within two songs (which sparked the halftime contest) : two on his acoustic and one on this one. 

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Teryn said...

Would you believe I've actually heard of these guys? Wierd right? Maybe I might have a cool bone somewhere in my body.