Monday, November 3, 2008

It's been awhile

So I have not posted in quite some time and so i decided that this lazy monday morning was a good opportunity to catch all you followers... (2) up on what wicked waves creed's been riding lately. I'll actually probably make a few different posts considering the number of things goin on. 

Recent thingy #1)

Me and couple of my good friends (Mr. Joey Brown, and Mr. Taggart Coppins) took a tasty trip to the provo scene's finest dining: Sammy's.

Joey got a bit of action while we were there. Turns out she's been in a few movies.

I too got a bit. Then i realized he was a guy.

1 comment:

Teryn said...

Holy Cow! You're alive! I love it- good to see ya. (or as good to see you as it can be considering this picture is of you nearly kissing a "dude") I hope things are well- Update this thing more will ya? These darn blogs are all that keep me sane in the faraway reaches of Wisconsin.

p.s. I recently found a letter you wrote- did you know we have very similar handwritting? Actually- your Haymond signature is almost identical to mine. Hmmm... we should find a handwriting analyst. Maybe we are more alike that we know- or dare to admit. LOL :)